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A fantastic tool to watch what goes on with your PC in real-time

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updated on December 4, 2022


Incredibly lightweight and works pretty much on every machine
It fixes security issues and detects any suspicious activity efficiently


Average user interface
The app is still in beta and includes only two features (create Watchers and Watchers)
Price: $
Tweakeze is a very useful application that monitors activities on your computer. Created by the same architect and software engineer of CCleaner, Tweakeze is a tool that will come in handy pretty much to everyone who uses a computer. The best part about this application is that it is not complicated at all. You do not have to have the technical knowledge to know what things mean.

As the name suggests, Tweakeze is a tool used to tweak your computer to ensure that changes to your Microsoft Windows file system and Registry database will be watched. "Watcher" is the most important part of the application and each one is a set of instructions used to monitor your computer.

Tweakeze allows you to monitor your computer by creating your own Watchers. Your Watchers will monitor and trigger actions to watch over your Scheduled Tasks, Files, Windows Registry changes, Chromium, Mozilla, and much more all in real-time.

You can find any Watchers and issues in the "Watchers" section that is available on the main screen after you open the application. You can fix those issues specifically by clicking on the necessary tabs. There are four types of tabs in the Watchers section, namely Browser, System, Tweaks, and Applications.

Tweakeze is overall a very lightweight application that will keep your computer safe and away from any activities that could harm your computer, your data, and your privacy. It doesn't have a whole set of features, but that is because at the time of writing this review it is still in the beta stage.
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